America in Turmoil

The way the world went to shit.

Nixon vists Beijing to discuss cooperation against Soviet threat to the region

Chinese government cracks down on anti party demonstrations. Kills dozens in the process. Later known as the Tian’anmen Square Massacre.

George H Bush’s famous “New World Order” Speech.

NATO air strikes accidentally hit Chinese Embassy in Serbia. Anti American protests form across the nation.

World Trade Center and Pentagon is attacked with 747 aircrafts by terrorists of Al Qaeda. 3000 plus are killed. The Globe goes into a paranoid fearful state. Civil Liberties are slowly being taken away in the name of “National Security”

US Spy plane collides with 2 Chinese jet fighters. Tensions rise between the two nations.

DOD employee and US Citizen Cheung Zhou is accused of selling US national secerts to “unknown parties”. Congress is quick to accuse the Chinese and Tensions rise even higher.

China tops Japan in US Debt Holding

Late 2010:
China demands US to repay debt or surrender territories in the Pacific for consolation.

China develops and tests new EMP bomb. The world looks on in horror.

US Economy crashes. 35% are unemployed. Protests are throughout the nation.
Obama fails to win reelection. Newcomer, Rep. Jared McCollen of the GOP is elected the 45th POTUS.

Terrorist attacks on Wall Street. Sources indicate that the threat is domestic. President McCollen issues Executive Order Number 89. Utterly eliminating Habeas Corpus and Right to Fair Trial to those accused of terrorism. Most of the nation is against the order but do know openly protest.

President McCollen is assassinated at a G9 summit in Vermont by Iraq War veteran James Parker. Parker is immediately executed after “a speedy trial” Vice President Steven Sulter is sworn in as 46th POTUS and activates Executive Order 101. Complete Martial Law in the US.

President Sulter dissolves Congress completely, leading up for complete dicatorship. Issues mandatory check points on all interstates. Citizens are required to have Ids on them at all times or have RFID chips installed in them. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of citizenship.

Manhattan Island is cleared out and now becomes the first US Federal Maximum Security Prison.

Right to Bear arms is revoked as is Freedom of Speech

Borders are now closed. Nothing gets in or out.

Ethnicities are targeted and sent to FEMA concentration camps.

The EU tries speak the President Sulter but fails to do so.
EMP Bomb is detonated in Beijing, however the yield of the bomb is 1000x stronger than previously reported. Chinese government is in shambles. World governments accuse the US.

The EU stages an invasion on American soil by landing on South Carolina coast. US forces repel the EU, but the EU still remains on the coast.

President Sulter renames the United States to the “American Empire”. Names himself Supreme Leader.

American Empire forces every man and woman to enlist. Failure to do so, results in “reeducation” in Alaska.





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